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You may have heard the term “beadboard” before when watching home improvement television programs or even saw advertisements for it in home improvement stores, but many people have no idea what beadboard actually is or how it could help enhance the décor of their homes overall.

What, then, is beadboard? It is a classic style of wall paneling that is usually found inside of houses that have a New England and Cape Code style and overall décor. Many people simply use beadboard for wainscoting purposes, but it also works great for a wide variety of other home improvement projects that you might be interested in pursuing in the near future. Here are some of the great décor ideas that can be enhanced in quality by using beadboard.

Creating a Wall Shelf with Beadboard

With a little creativity and time, you can actually create a beautiful wall shelf for any room through using beadboard. You may have seen different pictures on the internet and in home improvement magazines that many people have posted and published online of these beadboard wall shelves and thought to yourself that you would never be able to do something like that on your own. Do not let this stop you, because this is actually a much simpler do-it-yourself project than you think even if you want to create a beautiful beadboard bathroom.

Use Beadboard to Create a Headboard for Your Bed

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You may or may not have known that you can also use beadboard to create a headboard for your bedroom. Instead of investing hundreds and thousands of dollars on buying headboards that are already made in the store, you will definitely find much more enjoyment and save money by using beadboard to create your very own. You would actually enjoy going to bed more each day, because it would give you a chance to explore the headboard that you can tell people that you created with your own bare hands!

A Beadboard Backsplash to Enhance Your Dull Kitchen

If you have ever stood in your kitchen and looked at the walls with a sense of disgust but never knew exactly what you could do in order to change things for the better, then you need to take the time to consider using beadboard to create a backsplash. A creative and colorful backsplash that blends in with your décor can truly add a touch of spice and vivaciousness to your kitchen that it may have been missing for quite some time now.

Make the Investment, Do Not Hesitate

Beadboard is a low-cost material that can be used to enhance the quality and appeal of different rooms throughout your home. You do not have to continue racking your brain as you try to figure out what to do about your home décor, because beadboard may be the perfect solution to your problems. Invest in the services of a professional contractor or interior designer so that they can help you even further when it comes to turning your home décor dreams into an actual reality that can be enjoyed and experienced day after day.

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