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One of my favorite ways to decorate my home is with Beadboard paneling. I cannot stress enough about how much character and comfort such decoration can give to any home. It can really elevate the comfort level of your entire house simply by installing some panels in some parts or furniture pieces in your home.

A home is supposed to be the comfort zone for many people. It should be a place where you can relax and ease your mind. It should be where you can enjoy some peace and quiet time. But sometimes, because some people live in the middle of a bustling city, achieving this kind of aura in a home can be quite difficult. This is why I highly suggest decorating your home with panels to make it feel more homey and relaxing despite the location of your home. But there are also certain considerations that you need to keep in mind when choosing a panel for your home. The perfect panel will give positive results to your home.


How To Choose Beadboard Paneling Tip #1: The Perfect Measurement

Measurement would always be an important factor when choosing panels. This will help you determine which panels will perfectly fit the area of installation. Height is also an important measurement that you should consider. Most panels come in heights of 32 to 36 inches while there are some panels that come in a range of 40 to 44 inches. Make it a point to measure the area of installation prior to purchasing any panels so that you know which height of panels you ought to buy. If you can’t find the perfect measurement that you need for your home, you can actually order a custom-made one to ensure perfect fit.


How To Choose Beadboard Paneling Tip #2: Using Your Walls

How much use your walls get is also an important factor to consider. Are there chairs or any other furniture that leans or hangs on the walls where you intend to install the panels? If so, then you need to choose a sturdy and durable panel that won’t break or crack when furniture hits it. Tongue and groove, as well as sheet panels are some of the best types to get as they are by far the most durable of all panels. If the panels will hang low on the walls, a pressed beadboard or wallpaper can already do the trick for you.


How To Choose Beadboard Paneling Tip #3: Budget

Of course, this is the sole determinant on which panel to get. Some beadboard panels, though sturdy and durable may be out of your league. Hence, looking for an alternative is a must. Tongue and groove panels are the most expensive panels available. If tip number 2 is to be satisfied but you don’t have the budget for it then you might want to consider other panels instead. Regular sheets can suffice in terms of durability but can still be quite expensive for some people. If you really have a tight budget, settle for pressed beadboards or wallpaper instead.


Choosing The Right Panels

beadboard panelingThis type of decoration has its perks to a home. But there are also certain factors that you need to consider before making the purchase to ensure that the positive intentions you have for it will be carried out properly. Remember these factors when buying beadboard paneling to create a relaxing and comfortable home for you and your family.