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One of the best ways to decorate any home is through the use of beadboard paneling. This decorative paneling known to many people as wainscoting can add a huge change of mood and character to your home. What was once plain and blah can easily turn into some that’s both cozy and beautiful home in an instant. Personally, I really like the effect such paneling gave to my home and I think I will use this in some other rooms in my house as well.

This type or decoration was once used to achieve a country-style or cottage appeal to a home. That was actually what I was aiming for when I decided to have it installed in my house. It can take the country/cottage vibe of any home up a notch. However, I’ve noticed that it is also used by many people to decorate their homes no matter what style they’re going for. This just proved to me that no matter the theme and vibe of your home that you are going for, such paneling will perfectly match and create a whole new vibe to your home. Another great thing about paneling is that you can basically install them anywhere in your house. They are not just for walls but can also be used for beds and ceilings too! There are many more places where I want to put such paneling to add more character into my home. Here are some other places I will suggest you place a paneling too.


Beadboard Paneling On Your Walls

Obviously, the first place that will come to anyone’s mind when thinking of adding such paneling to a home would be on the walls. I commonly see paneling placed on the lower parts of the wall to add a contrast with the upper part of the wall. It usually extends from 33 inches to 48 inches up on the wall. It depends, really, on how you want it to look whether you want the upper part and paneling to be proportional or not. Personally, I think one that looks proportional would be best. I am very OCD and I hate looking at imbalanced walls. This is why I prefer to have the paneling and the upper wall the same length. The paneling is then framed with a molding which you can find on the top to separate the upper wall from the paneling.


Beadboard Paneling On Furniture

Very few people actually know that paneling can also be installed in many different furniture. It has been used in some bedroom furniture such as the bed or cabinets and drawers. I plan on adding one to my bed to give it more personality without being too daring about the design.


Beadboard Paneling On Kitchen Cabinets

This is also a popular decoration used in kitchen cabinets. The kitchen would be the coziest and most country-looking in any home which is why adding some paneling is a perfect decoration. It takes the comfy/cozy vibe of the kitchen to a whole new level. You can also opt to use it as a decoration to the kitchen island and then used as a backsplash.


Decorating With Paneling

beadboard panelingThis is definitely my most favorite decoration to any home. It makes any home feel more relaxing and welcoming. Installing beadboard paneling to your walls, cabinet or any furniture can take your home interior to a whole new level making it ten times cozier and comfier than it already is.