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Beadboard paneling is probably one of the best decors if you want something warm and country-like in style. It adds a touch of coziness and comfort that you won’t feel in any decoration. If it wouldn’t look too redundant, I will actually decorate my entire home with these! In my opinion, it also adds a certain level of hominess that makes a house feel warmer even if you don’t live there a lot. A feeling which other decorations fail to exude.

There are different ways on how you can use such paneling to decorate your home with. It can be used in many different parts of the house and in furniture as well. Here are some ideas I suggest you try experimenting with paneling to give your home more character and coziness.


Beadboard Paneling On The Walls

Paneling is very commonly used as wall decorations. You can actually do it in three ways: wainscot that is of your waist level with a chair rail on its acme; wainscot that is of your shoulder level topped with a molding; or, a complete wall-to-ceiling covering. Whichever way you opt to use your panels, it will never fail to exude that homey appeal to your home. If you want to add more interesting detail and a fresh twist to the traditional wall paneling, why not try installing it vertically? This way, you add a different character and show a different side to how panels are installed and decorated.


Beadboard Paneling On Ceilings

beadboard panelingAside from the walls, you can also decorate your ceilings with panels. This style of paneling adds that hint of cottage-like appeal to any home. Upon entering a home with ceiling panels, I immediately feel like I’m transported to the middle of the forest and I am surrounded by tall evergreen trees with wet and mossy grounds and chilly breeze. It feels comforting and relaxing.

When installing panels on your ceiling, it is also advised that you install them in the same direction as your floor boards to give the illusion of continuity to people. Also, paint it the same color as your walls to make the room coherent and coordinated. To add an interesting twist, if your ceiling has beams, install the panels in either direction. This gives the room an interesting character and provides more texture to the room.


Beadboard Paneling On Cabinet Door Insets

Most people would prefer putting panels on ceilings and walls but you don’t have to limit the decoration to just those places. You can also install panels to cabinet door insets for a complete shabby-chic appeal to your home. You can even opt to use them for your kitchen cabinets or even your bathroom cabinets. It is best laid with a shaker-style cabinet door frame which provides an added texture and character to your cabinet door. If you want to enhance its grooves, try glazing the doors or distressing the finish once dry.


Paneling Your Entire Home

beadboard panelingWhile it might seem too redundant to panel your entire home, you can actually get away with it in one or two parts of your home. I personally like them on the ceiling and cabinet doors for a more non-traditional way of using the decoration. No matter where you have beadboard paneling, it will never fail to achieve the goal of exuding a comforting and homey feel to anyone inside the house.